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  • kmcadam8848 3:02 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink  

    Mckayla Maroney 

    In 2011 Mckayla won a gold medal on the vault it looked cool! She won gold and silver in the woman’s vault championships. She is my favorite person!

    Mckayla is in high school and is going to gragawate  this school year. Her birthday is on December 9th 1995.  She loves were she lives right now in Los-Angeles  and her full name is Mckayla Rose Maroney. She has a brother kav and a sister tarynn. She loves her little sister and brother. Her little sister says that she wants to be her when she is older.her family is in love with sports.I think that I have learned a lot about my ideal and I hope u did to!!


  • rjohnson2739 3:02 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink  

    Typhoon Relief!!!! 

    On the weekend there was a typhoon in the Philippians. Its a relief that not so many people got hurt but it did do lots of damage to peoples lives and homes . But that’s when we come in we started a fundraiser for the Philippians. were doing a wii dance party, crazy head day and pj day so fare we have raised over 700  $ i know it amazing .it all started because a boy in our class and i  was very impressed to see how much money we have all ready raised in a week  .  I am very very exited to do  all of those things . Will you help us raise money for the Philippians please ? thank you for ready this blog!


  • ahutchin9585 3:02 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink  

    My brother is having surgury 

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  • esneyd5427 3:01 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink  

    School Fundraiser 

    On Friday Dundana school had a fundraiser for the Typhoon that hit the Philippians. Together we raised over $750 dollars, plus the Government will double that and then that would be of $1500 dollars. I would like to say good job to everyone in the school for making a donation.  I think the people in the Philippians will be happy when they find out how much money the have now. Hopefully the next fundraiser we do will raise even more money.

  • rrothwel9085 3:01 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink  

    The adventurs of yakoob and arnie book 2 in a airsoft tournament. By Wesley and RyanR 

    one day yakoob and arnie were  geting ice cream when they pasted a airsoft store they buyt a gun and practied this would more fun if gram cracker were here all call him he said hill come great all call marshmellow man there coming. hay gys get ready to get owend me and arnie said yakoob . let play kepp fireing the mahene gun boom boom bang boom marshmellow get down bang bang boom marshmellow you got shot your out relly im always first to get out gram cracker shot bang bang bang boom boom arnie your out dang it. 


    hay lets enter the turnament okay kay were in lets go practice no its today we have to go and rest o know its on know run boom boom boom yakoob jump all gaurd you fire when gram cracker man fired and hit marshmellow man.




    when the paintball turniment arnie fired and took a team down nice yakoob two more teams left gramcracker man took them both down.They were the best in the world they thout

  • jzachari7383 2:59 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink  

    Our class fundraiser 

    On November 12th 2013 Mrs.firths class decided to hold a fundraiser.This fundraiser is to help the people in the Philippines recover from the Haiyan Typhoon.A Haiyan Typhoon is a huge storm causing lots of damage to the Philippines,the houses,the streets,the roads and all the other features and resources in the Philippines.


    Mrs.firths class decided to have a crazy head,face and hair day and in order to participate in this event people are to bring in 2.00.This money will go to the red cross to help the people in the Philippines recover from the Haiyan typhoon.This money wil buy more food,water and shelter for these people that need it.

    This was things that our world is facing today and soon.

  • arenwick0109 2:58 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink  

    the Philippines 

    in the Philippines there was a big typhoon that destroyed lots of things. so we are doing a fundraiser for the Philippines we are doing three things crazy head day p.j day and other. today was crazy head day. crazy head day is when you decorate your head. today  the school raised $ 762.90 for the Philippines but the government double  the money. next we have p.j. p.j is when you come to school in your p.j we will raise lots of money for the Philippines. then we have one more thing for the fundraiser after that the school should have over $ 1000.00 for the Philippines. the Philippines will be rebuild.     

  • jdobsono5834 2:55 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink  

    5-do9 the robot! 

    One snowy day in Toronto, Ontario a kid named Garry wanted to play in the snow. But he had no friends to play with today so he tried playing by him self but it was not that good. Garry tried playing a snow ball fight but there was no one to fight. Then he wen’t inside, he was watching a show called Making Stuff. They were learning how to make a Robot. Then Garry got an Idea. He was going to make a Robot! It took him a week he even missed all of his dinner but he finnaly made it. Garry named him 5-do9 . Garry and 5-do9 were best friends!

    THE END!!!

  • nparfett4360 2:52 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink  

    Philippines Typhoon Haiyan 

    The Philippines had a typhoon haiyan lately, That is a very big storm that is wind and water like a hurricane. If you have heard it was very big and destroyed many houses, buildings and civilizations.

    and killed over 10,000 people. People are doing fundraisers to help people in the Philippines who lost there homes and family’s.

    Dundana’s fundraiser raised $762,90 from CRAZY HEAD DAY! now the government will double the money. We have raised $1525,8 for the Philippines for food, shelter and clothes. We will have 2 more events imagine how much more we could raise? if every student brings at least 2 dollars for each event we could raise $1 400 more! then that would be doubled to a total of $2 400 the total will be… $3925.8 for the Philippines!

  • jzegarac7348 2:47 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink  

    Typhoon in Philippines 

    In the week there was a typhoon in the Philippines. If your asking what is a typhoon well I will tell you. A typhoon is kinda like a hurricane. So two people from are class Jared and Noah had a great idea to fundraiser to repair the Philippines. We had a crazy head day that is when you can have a crazy hat crazy hair or a crazy face. Also we will have a WII dance party and a pajama party and you just have to pay 2 dollars each. And we raised 762 dollars and 90 cents. And that was only one fun day. And two other schools are fundraising so we will have tons of money to give to the Philippines.  And also the government is doubling it so we will have a lot of money to repair the Philippines. So will you try to help the Philippines.

    • jzegarac7348 2:52 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I think were gonna get more than two thoused with all the schools and we have that doubled by the government

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