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  • jdobsono5834 2:17 pm on October 30, 2013 Permalink  

    Phill Kessel!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Phill is right now the best player on the leafs. He is Known for his speed on the ice,leader ship and of course his fast shot. Kessel can do a lot on the ice, he can score goals, pass to other players and defend. He was drafted in the first round and was 5th overall in the 2006-2007 season, and 5th overall is pritty good. Phill has played for the Boston Bruins for 3 years and the Toronto Maple Leafs for 5 years. His best season was in 2011-12 were he scored 37 goals and 45 assits and was 8th in the leauge with 82 points. Did you know he has a sister that plays for team U.S.A in the Womans World Classics, and is the best on the team with 50 goals in the last few years with U.S.A. That is Phill Kessel!!!!!!!!!!!

    By: James 401

  • rjohnson2739 9:39 pm on October 23, 2013 Permalink  

    The Carpet Boys Gift 

    The carpets boys gift was a book about child slavery and how it should be stopped and how the carpet workers should be freed.  After are teacher read the book to us we learned about Craig Keelberg and what he does to help (help free  the children is what he does to help free children). Craig traveled all over the world at the age of 12 years old and asking and telling people about  help free the children.

  • arenwick0109 12:28 pm on October 23, 2013 Permalink  

    mammals of the past 

    After the dinosaurs went extinct there was strange mammals on earth. The saber- toothed cat, endothermic , tare bird and the mammoth  are examples of these strange mammals. They are strange mammals because they are unique. The first strange mammal is the tare bird. The tare bird was as big as a foll grown man. The tare bird was a predator. A predator eats meat and lots of it. The next strange mammal is the saber-toothed cat it lived with the tare bird. The saber-toothed cat also eat meat. The saber-toothed cat was the top predator. The saber-toothed cat had fangs.  Then we have the ground sloth.  The ground sloth lived with the tare bird and the saber-toothed cat. A ground sloth can kill a saber-toothed cat. So saber-toothed cats stay away from the ground sloth so the ground sloth can’t kill the saber-toothed cat. The ground sloth eats plants. Another strange mammal is the mammoth. The mammoth had big tusks. A mammoth lived with humans. The humans hunted mammoth. They both lived in an ice age. The mammoth eat plants and lots of it. The humans hunted mammoth to get meat. The humans lived in caves. The mammoth had lots of fer to live in an ice age. Finley we have the endothermic. The endothermic eats plants. When an endothermic mates the ground shakes. When a endothermic is there nothing can touch it. An endothermic is two stores tall. That is all about the strange mammals of the past.

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    Dundana has Character: Acceptance 

    We made a video for our school assembly. It was our job to teach our school how to accept others.


  • ahutchin9585 2:55 pm on October 1, 2013 Permalink  

    Cesar chavez 

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  • wperusin7082 2:55 pm on October 1, 2013 Permalink  

    harvesting hope 

    their was a kid named Cesar Chavez that was a migrant worker at a farm. The kid did not like being a migrant worker because it was like being a slave but he had to for himself and his family. So one day he went on strike with 67 people and ended up with 5.000 people. When he was walking he walked for so long that his feet got cut on the bottom. But at night they rested and then in the morning they started to walk again.

    At the start of the book he lived in Arizona with with all of his family but won day he had to move across California to find jobs. so finally he found the farming job.

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