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    Welcome to the Student Corner. Please use this site to ask questions and communicate respectfully with others in our classroom.

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    Energy Resources 

    Online Resources


    Science Kids

    Kids Korner

    National Geographic

    Kids and Energy

    Energy Kids PDF


    Kids Corner

    Allient Energy Kids

    How does a Turbine Work (1)

    How does a Turbine Work (2)

    Energy Kids US GOV

    ARC Online PDF

    Energy Kids PDF

    Wind Power for Kids PDF (pg2)


    Kids Korner

    Energy Kids US GOV

    Science Kids

    Energy Matters

    Solar Energy International

    Solar Schools

    SMA Solar Technology PDF

    Energy Kids PDF

    Duke Energy PDF


    Kids Korner

    Science Kids

    TVA Kids

    Energy Information

    Discovery Channel

    Energy Kids PDF

    How Stuff Works – Printable


    Energy Kids – US GOV

    Science Kids

    Coal PDF

    Energy Kids PDF

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    Go Leafs Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    After two periods the Leafs finally scored, it was a new guy named Trevor smith and there Goalie Jonathon Beirner Has’nt aloud a goal yet but OH NO Buffalo just scored. Can they come back and Win. It is so intence.

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    I’m going to a Toronto Raptors game on Sunday November 18th to see them face the Portland Trail Blaizers! 

    I can’t wait to go to the Raptors game on Sunday. It will be the first PRO Basketball game I’ve seen. It will be very busy at Toronto with the Toronto Argo and the Santa Clause parade, so were taking a Go- Train.
    It will be so exiting! I think the Raptors because they are better than Portland. When I get there me and my Dad are going to go to my seats, we are 23 rows from the front seats. I also want to get these sticks that say Toronto and you smack them together and make a loud sound and there sopost to pump the players up.

    I can’t wake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Helping people in Philippines after the typhoon 

    In our class we are having a fun raiser to help people in the Philippines because in the Philippines there was a tragic typhoon that distriod most of the country.

    Our school is having a fun raiser today we had crazy hair day and to have a crazy day you need to bring in 2 dollars and some people brought in 3 dollars and 5 and 10 and 20 and all to gether our school made 762 dollars and the goverment is going to times it by 2.

    Next week we are going to have 2 more fun raiser 1 is P.J day 2 wii dance party and i think next week we will make even more then this week because lots of people like wearing there P.Js and lots of people like playing wii and dancing i think this will be a great thing to do to help people in need.

  • Chuard4413 3:03 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink  

    polar bears 

    Why are polar bears polar bears?

    Polar Bears are polar bears because they are from the arctic. They have white thick fur because white camouflages them from pedestrians which keeps them safer. They have thick fur because it keeps them warm because in the arctic it is very cold. That thick fur isn’t all they have though, they have very thick skin. The skin is underneath the fur. The skin is there to give then extra protection as well as the fur.

    How do they eat?

    Polar bears go hunting and always don’t like when the ice melts. Polar bears eat seals because they have lots of meat and protein.How they do it is that they first sniff for a seal. Polar bears have very good sense of smell. Then they bang on that piece of ice untill it breaks. Polar bears are super strong. After it breaks they grab a seal and eat it. Once they are done a arctic fox /scavenger goes and eats the extras. All the scavengers have to do is make sure the polar bears are not near.

    Cool facts about polar bears.

    Some cool facts are that polar bears can swim for days straight. Polar bears also have cubs every year and even fight other polar bears and some die because of that. Polar bears also run very fast and need exersize. Polar bears can swim down pretty deep too.  As you can see polar bears are very talented

  • mmagalla7893 3:03 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink  

    Typhoon Haiyan Hit The Philippines 

    Did you hear that typhoon haiyan hit the Philippines they said on the news that there where over 10,000 casualties. Luckily my family did not get hurt. When I heard about what happened in the Philippines me and my sister stared a fundraiser at our schools. So I asked my teacher mrs Firth   she said sure that could happen today we had make your head fancy day and next week we will have a just dance party and pj day. Today we raised $762.90 and there is still more to come.

  • jroberts7945 3:03 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink  

    The superhero 

    When doctor. tom tom was working on baboons when they escaped and went start to the golden banana. Then the Superhero went to the baboons. The superhero kicked and punched until they were all dead. then he flow off but what he didn’t know was that the biggest baboon was right behind him. He looked back to see his victory and a baboon hit him. When he awoke he realized he was in the hands of the baboon that hit him. end of part 1

  • ghouston5301 3:03 pm on November 15, 2013 Permalink  

    the black hole gravity theory 

    something interesting about a black hole is that it so called ” shifts light” meaning that when light passes the black hole it can suck it in, or the light curves around the black hole and makes images like this.




    But it doesn’t have to be a black hole to  do this the, area that the sun covers makes it so that light has to curve around it in order to get to the other side.  I first learned this when I was was watching a youtube video.


    It showed that light curves around mass.

    A black hole is created by mass its self clasping in on its self,  sort of like when gamarays  [very strong light bursts ] are created.

    when this happens the size of the baby black hole is called a sorchild  radius.

    these are some theory’s of black holes and there gravity.



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